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Cardiorespiratory Training


Cardiorespiratory training is probably the most important of all athletic aspects but gets overlooked most often.  Not all athletes are at the same cardio level, nor do they reach the same level or cardio performance.  Each athlete must learn about their body and thresholds of peak output.  Every person will be a little different and learning about this function of their body will help them to maintain a level of consistency in harmony with their own fitness level.

Training with me helps an athlete to recognize their fitness level, when they are reaching the peak of their stamina, and how that affects their overall performance.  We work hard to reach their goals and to make sure they are in "game shape" before the season starts.  Hoops Mechanic athletes strive to be the "last man standing" when everyone else has run out of gas.

Above all, I teach athletes how to recognize signs of when their activity level may be unsafe.  Like aforementioned, every athlete has a different threshold for cardiorespiratory activity so it is extremely important for an athlete to know his or her limits for safety and peak performance at all times.

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