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The American Council on Exercise

Coach Donnelle Dickson

Coach Donnelle is nationally certified with the American Council on Exercise (ACE), with a sports conditioning specialty and a focus in Functional Training, Behavioral Change, Weight Management, and Fitness Nutrition.  He is committed to overall health and fitness as well as promoting an appreciation for the game of basketball and its history. He created Hoops Mechanic's curriculum based on quality coaching, instruction, ethical conduct and parental involvement. He has been coaching and training young athletes for more than 20 years, and enjoys mentoring, challenging, and guiding athletes through love, discipline, and mental toughness training.

Donnelle w/ Providence All-Time Leading Scorer Payton Thomas

He is also the founder and director of the Murfreesboro Force AAU Organization.  He has coached 2017 TN State Runner Up Force Girls 2K21 and Force Boys 2K25.  Also in 2015,  he coached 8th Grade/14U with the nationally recognized TN Team Pride girls AAU organization.  In the past, he served as Asst. Boys High School Basketball Coach at Providence Christian Academy 2012-13 season, 14U Head Coach Hot Shots Boys YBOA Program 2011-12, and Head Coach of the 14U Force Girls YBOA Program 2013. He was a walk on at Arizona Western College and a proud veteran of the United States Air force.

The Force Girls 2K21 (2017 TN AAU State Runner Ups)

Donnelle w/ NBA 2K12 Gameplay Developer Mike WangDonnelle during a NBA 2K11 Motion Capture Session
Donnelle also had the privilege of traveling to Novato, CA in 2010 & 2011 and working with the development team for the world famous NBA 2K Series Basketball game. While there, in both years he was consulted about gameplay aspects to ensure the game authentically replicated real basketball and was used as a motion capture model to have his abilities and fundamental habits programmed into the actual game. In 2010, he was selected as one of 5 members of a gameplay committee flown to Vancouver, Canada to be a consultant for realism aspects of the NBA Live basketball video game series.

Donnelle (far right) at EA Sports Canada helping with NBA Live

Donnelle w/ University of Memphis Head Coach Josh Pastner

Coach Donnelle has attended numerous basketball clinics as a player and a coach featuring some of the greatest basketball minds of the sport. These coaches include: John Wooden (UCLA), John Thompson III (Georgetown), Mike Krzyzweski (Duke), Geno Ariemma (UCONN), Billy Donavan (Florida), John Calipari (Kentucky), Bobby Knight (Indiana), Roy Williams (North Carolina), Josh Pastner (Memphis), Danny Manning (Tulsa), Shaka Smart (VCU), Jeff Van Gundy (ESPN Analyst & Former NBA Coach), Hubbie Brown (ESPN Analyst & Hall of Fame NBA Coach), Jamie Dixon (Pitt), Vivian Stringer (Rutgers & Hall of Fame Coach), and many others.

Donnelle w/ VCU Head Coach Shaka Smart

Hoops Mechanic's Mission

The primary goal of Hoops Mechanic is to help young athletes become better basketball players so they can improve their chances of getting a free education through a University Scholarship program. Above all, we want them to have fun. We provide basketball lessons and personal training in Murfreesboro, TN and the Nashville, TN area. Achieving this mission requires composure, concentration, confidence, and commitment from all parties involved.  Remember, high level training is a marathon, not a sprint.  We only train athletes who are serious about improvement, love and have a passion for the game of basketball, and are ready and willing to check their ego at the door and put in the work needed to reach long term goals in a process based system.

Donnelle's Personal Mission Statement

I will incorporate God into all that I do, consult with Him on all decisions, and give Him the credit and honor for the things that I accomplish through Christ who strengthens me.
I will proactively accomplish as many goals as I can by beginning with the end in mind, creative planning of how to finish what I start, and maintaining an environment that supports success.
 I will encourage and inspire others by being as humble, optimistic, and positive as I can while influencing others to do the things they are already motivated to do, setting and obtaining clear expectations, being loyal to those who are absent, and leaving things better than I find them.
 I will be loving and empathetic to others by listening twice as much as I speak with the intention to understand and acknowledge their value, strengths, and ideas, and adopting the attitude of servant hood modeled by Jesus Christ.
 I will continue to reinvent myself by “sharpening the saw” mentally through continuing education and learning something new daily, socially through interacting with family and friends regularly, physically through a healthy lifestyle and exercise, spiritually through internalizing God’s word, daily prayer, and surrounding myself with Godly people.

While I cannot claim to live up to my own expectations of character daily, I believe, just as I convey to my athletes, I strive for perfection with the humility that I will inevitably fall short.  It is this daily failure that keeps me grounded, humble, determined, and self-aware of my limitations.  Failure is the doorway to success, pain is the guard dog on the porch of success,  To get to the porch, you must start down the pathway, one step at a time.
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