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Shooting Diagnostics

Shot Analyzation at Hoops Mechanic. #basketballtraining #hardworkpays #shootingrange

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We use technology to diagnose, analyze, and improve the shooting mechanics of our athletes.  Shooting is a science and we are firm believers in making sure shooters get the processes of their shooting mechanics as close to perfect as possible.  Using 94Fifty™, NOAH™,  The Gun™, and Dr. Dish™ allows us to make real time corrections and get instant feedback that players can feel, see, and fully understand how what they do affects their shot success.
Bryant Anderson got up 155 shots in less than 20 mins with our new Dr. Dish machine including Noah Shot Tracking feedback on every shot. This is how you get better! @mr_anderson3000 @hoopsmechanic #drdishbasketball #noahbasketball A video posted by Hoops Mechanic (@hoopsmechanic) on

We monitor everything from shot form, release point, bio-mechanics, footwork, alignment, power efficiency while shooting. We have learned shooting secrets from some of the best shooters and shooting coaches from the present and the past. Expanding on footwork, it's important that players are able to capitalize on all shooting opportunities and in multiple scenarios. We take the time to see where a player is whether it's shooting off the dribble, screens, or stationary off the catch.

How do you become an excellent shooter? Hoops Mechanic's state of the art training facility, that's how. Now featuring NOAH shot tracking technology. @jordanburchfield11 @shortmomontherun #hoopsmechanic #noahbasketball #shoottherock

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Athletes must understand what it means to have shot consistency, excellent rotation/touch, smooth shot rhythm, and a quick release. A Hoops Mechanic Shot Analyzation is the perfect way to learn what needs to be corrected in your game to make you a great shooter.
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