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Speed & Agility Training

HM2 Perf Drawing

Today's athlete is stronger, faster, quicker, and much more agile than those of the past.  In order to keep up with the competition, an athlete must maximize on their body's capabilities so they can stand out.  Performance training is an essential component of offseason development as well as maintaining high level abilities during the season.

@bryant.anderson doing reaction training with his handles. #nextleveltraining #fitlight

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We assess where the individual athlete's performance level is, and develop a specific program to progress them to the next level of "their" abilities are.  Not every athlete has the same musculature and it is important to understand what needs to be done to accomplish the goals of each athlete without being counter-productive.  If an athlete tries to develop certain abilities without taking body make up into consideration, they could be wasting valuable training time, setting themselves up for injury, or simply preparing to fail.  We also incorporate FitLight Reaction Training into our regiment.  This is state of the art technology being used by to most elite athletes and trainers in the world.

Speed and Agility Training... @chandleralexander_30 #hoopsmechanic #hardworkpays #fitlight #vertimax #speedandagility

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We take the game a step at a time to improve the actions that will impact the athlete's game the most and accomplish the goals they predetermine in our initial assessment.  No matter what position they play or where they are physically, we help them to determine where we can realistically go in the time frame allotted to reach each milestone desired.
@dakota_75_ getting that FitLight reaction training firing off the line. #hardworkpays #hoopsmechanic #fitlight #footballtraining A video posted by Hoops Mechanic (@hoopsmechanic) on
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