Overcome Limitation

Basketball Development

Many players are
asking some
tough questions.

  • How do I make the team?
  • How do I fit into the team I’m on?
  • How do I stand out to my coach?
  • What is my job on the basketball court?
  • How do I know what I need to be improving on?
  • How do I earn more playing time?!?
  • How do I build Mental Toughness and reach peak performance levels consistently?

Looking for Answers?

All of these questions have a tendency to provoke “Doubt“, the enemy of being successful and  an impact player. “Doubt” destroys  your confidence.   Are other players taking the playing time that you want?   Did you get cut?  Are you not seeing the improvement necessary, to excel, from your trainer or online videos?  “Doubt” leaves you lost, confused, and feeling unimportant.  Do you believe you’re not good enough and are you discouraged?

Coach Dickson has trained athletes on the highest HS levels


All players can develop their individual strengths so they can be noticed by a coach or club.


All players can learn one or more of the 15 archetypes to fit into a team.


All players can develop one or more elite skills to legitimately challenge for playing time on a team.

Coach Dickson trains with Chyenne Parker of the Chicago Sky

High Level Training

I know that players aren’t getting the fundamentals they need. This makes it very hard to identify overall individual strengths and weaknesses. My training helps players to understand where they fit and how to get noticed by the coaching staff quickly. We engage in deep sessions to clarify roles and build confidence in a player’s importance to their team. We engage in insightful conversations that eliminate the confusion about improvement and help to set goals that are relevant to their individual success.

Made the cut after training
Scholarships Earned after training
Years of Experience
AAU National Championships

3 Steps to Improvement

Step 1: Join our Community

You need to figure out where to begin.  Joining our community will help you to determine what Phase you need to start with.  Join our forum, chat with a trainer and players from around the world, or educate yourself from our blog.  Get some guidance from people who know.  Joining our community is 100% free for life.

Step 2: Enter a Development Phase

Development is done in three phases.  Each phase is further broken down into three bands.  For example, if you choose Phase I, you could train in the White, Yellow, or Orange Band depending on your skill level.

Step 3: Train

Once you have determined your Training Phase and Skill Band, you can begin developing your game to achieve your goals.  You will be coached in the five essential areas of basketball skill; ball handling, shooting, defense, mind & body, and game skills.

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